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SpectaclesLast month I wrote about how Instagram ripped off Snapchat’s Stories concept and how it was an incredibly smart move on Instagram’s part. Well, now Snapchat is rebranding itself while also taking another brand’s idea and making it better.

On Sept. 24, Snapchat, Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, dropped the “chat” and rebranded itself to simply Snap, Inc. in order to prepare for the launch of their newest media product, Spectacles.

Spectacles is a pair of glasses that records video (up to 10 seconds, just like in the Snapchat app) and connects to your phone via Bluetooth in order to upload the video to your Snapchat Memories. It comes in three colors and, while not yet available, will cost $129. The glasses charge in their case and supposedly one full charge can allow you to record a full day’s worth of videos, but does that mean a full 24 hours if you were to constantly record?

For those who remember, this sounds similar to Google Glass with a few key differences. For one thing, Google Glass had commands it would follow, and did more than just record video. From what it seems like, Spectacles will just record video; it’s just like using the app but without using your phone. Another difference: Spectacles seem like they might actually be kind of stylish and something that people want to wear without looking like a dork. Finally, Spectacles has the one aspect Google Glass was always missing: it’s fun.

Snapchat has always been fun. It’s a place to do funny things or send funny photos of yourself that disappear in seconds. Google Glass was for much more practical uses, if you can consider $1,500 techie glasses practical.

So now the real question is, will people buy Spectacles? While hardly comparable to the price tag associated with Google Glass, $129 is still not cheap, especially when everything you can do with Spectacles is something you can do for free on your phone.

Sara Goodwin
Sara Goodwin
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  1. Given that I was an early adopter for Google Glass and it was such a bust, I think I’ll take a “wait and see” attitude with Spectacles. Cheers, David Landis

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