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March 25, 2014
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March 27, 2014

Envy 7 deadly sinsSo once again I want to blog about my great experience at the 2014 PRSA Western District Conference in San Diego last week! Yesterday I shared with you a blog with some Q & A from Joe Cohen, the current national chair of PRSA.

But there was another takeaway from Joe at his session Leading the Way: Fearless Future for PR on the seven deadly sins of PR.  I really thought this was the best part of his presentation and I wanted to share these with you and see what you think!

Joe describes the seven deadly sins as:

Thinking like a journalist but not as a marketer – In public relations, which is an ever evolving world, we must be able to see the big picture not just the one avenue!  Our job is not just about the media.

Suffering from an inferiority complex- Public relations is a very important piece of the entire marketing and communications strategy, we must plan accordingly. PR is vital to the entire strategy.

Getting a cheap thrill from deadline pressure – Yes, the deadline pressure is fun, but how much more rewarding is it to have long term planning and pitching that results in excellent targeted placements and not have that extra stress?

Chasing shiny objects- Although a shiny diamond (insert ring, earrings, necklace here) is always nice… but just because the next big thing (like Pinterest or Snapchat) works for a company, it doesn’t mean it is the best thing for all companies.

Hatred of math- Analytics and measurement is an important part of any successful plan -- you have to be able to show the results!

Failure to measure- Again- showing the results is key!

Fearing to admit failure- It is okay to admit failure but you must never accept it and should always learn from it.

What are your thoughts about Joe’s seven deadly sins? Do you agree? Do you think anything is missing?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
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