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April 21, 2009
PRSA Western District Conference – Day 1
April 23, 2009
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scott3This is my first venture to the southern hemisphere.

Sao Paulo, which is where I landed, is the largest city I have ever seen. I think it is bigger than Los Angeles. From there I took a six-hour bus ride to Paraty. It's a jungle/beach community. From what I have seen so far -- more jungle. It's been raining since I got off the plane and looks like more today.

br-mapIf it does rain today, it will give me a chance to get more of my book read before our Public Relations Global Network meetings begin on Thursday night. We expect PRGN partners from all over the world to be in attendance, including Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Europe and, of course, North America.

I've been checking since I got here, but I haven't yet determined if the water actually swirls in the opposite direction.

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