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February 17, 2016
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PR DailyIt takes a lot to be a public relations pro. You must have exceptional writing skills, an ability to think with a reporter’s hat on and a knack to plan for every possible outcome as well as a drive to use creativity in uncreative situations. In fact, preparing for winter is a lot like working in public relations. Anyways, I was reading an article on PRDaily on four traits that makes a good public relations pro great and it got me thinking about how much it takes to be successful in this industry. Of course, education is a necessity, but that’s only getting your feet wet. On-the-job training is what gives you a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed .

To be a successful #PRpro, @PRDaily outlines the following:

Speaking truth to power – It’s important to have confidence in your reasoning and to not shy away from letting your opinion be heard. Sometimes it can be intimidating to vocalize an opposing thought or bad news to individuals in higher positions, but at the end of the day, that’s your job.

Ability to compartmentalize issues – When a crisis occurs, being organized and maintaining focus is essential.

Seeing around corners – This is when having a reporter’s hat on at all times comes in handy. When a media request comes in, it’s the job of the PR pro to do as much as they can to vet the story before putting a client in the situation of an interview.

Powerfully persuading – I like to think of this as persuading with strong reason behind it. Again, it’s important to have confidence in your practice. While a client or executive team might disagree with taking an approach, like in times of a crisis unfolding in the media, it’s still your job to make sure all proper steps are being taken. It’s important to lead the course of action into the best direction and sometimes that takes some persuading.

These abilities are all necessities to being a great PRpro. But, there are also additional traits that aren’t outlined here such as:

  • Directing when needed
  • Thinking on a whim
  • Having strong organizational skills
  • Being outgoing
What can you add to the list of how to be a great #PRpro? 
Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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