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October 5, 2016
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App ProductsWe spend too much time on our phones. Google it—there are tons of articles about it. But more recently, I think we’re going to start seeing a shift in using our phones less, and I think it most notably came with the launch of Pokémon Go.

When the app launched in July, it was an instant success with 100 million downloads less than month after its release. People were constantly on their phone trying to see what Pokémon was nearby, causing some people to walk into objects and even walk off cliffs from not paying attention.

But even though our phones were constantly out with the app on, users cried out “community!” There was an inherent sense of community while playing the game—if someone saw a unique Pokémon nearby, they shared.

Now Pokémon Go has released Pokémon Go Plus, an accessory that can be used with Pokémon Go without having the app open on your phone. And Pokémon Go isn’t the only app to create a physical product to correspond to it—Snapchat recently launched Spectacles.

It will be interesting to see if these physical products become the new norm for many more apps in the future. Will we still have our phone always in our pocket but be more interactive with the people around us now that we don’t need to be actually using our phone to use an app?

I’m sure there are other physical products to be used for apps that I just can’t think of right now; what physical products made for apps have you noticed?

Sara Goodwin
Sara Goodwin
Account Coordinator Sara is a Maryland native who moved cross country to join the team at HMA. She is passionate about digital media and knowing what’s upcoming in new technology, whether it’s apps, social media platforms or hardware. She enjoys hiking, reading and traveling. Check out Sara's full bio

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