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April 23, 2009
PRSA Western District Conference – Day 3
April 26, 2009
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I am the hour that Peter Shankman had to address the PRSA Western District, the admitted A.D.O.S. (Attention Deficit - OH SHINY!) sufferer managed to tell tales of his love of Melrose Place, his hatred of Titanic (the movie, not the tragedy!), his interview on Howard Stern AND quote Better Off Dead - all while showing us the future of public relations - and life in general.

A blog doesn't do him justice - I just had to take some video clips. Enjoy!

Peter Shankman 1

Peter Shankman 2

Peter Shankman 3

Peter Shankman 4

Peter Shankman 5

Peter Shankman 6

HMA Public Relations
HMA Public Relations
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  1. […] The luncheon speaker, Peter Shankman, best known for H.A.R.O., delivered a lively message as always. His delivery, however unorthodox (and PowerPoint free), didn’t overshadow his explanations of techniques and tactics that deliver success. Special thanks to Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relation: You can see some clips and insights from his presentation. […]

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