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August 10, 2009
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August 14, 2009
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BethI got the chance to attend the PRSA-SPJ Publicity Summit this past weekend and represent for the HMA crew. Although it did start a little too early for my personal taste (I really, really value my sleep), I have to say that it was an awesome event. I got to see some colleagues and meet a few new ones, and the information I gathered from the panels and speed pitching were invaluable. Some personal highlights:

  • The social media discussion that started our day – we got to talk about important issues with these rapidly evolving new tools, as well as find out how members of the media feel about them.
  • Meeting producers and reporters that I’ve heard about, contacted or seen on Twitter. Talking with them in person was much less intimidating than it is over the phone. As it turns out, they’re people too! And nice ones at that.
  • Being told “no.” Yeah I said it. Oftentimes when PR pros pitch a reporter, they don’t get a response, even when they follow up a reasonable amount of time later (not five minutes). I’ve found that to be a bit challenging, so when one reporter told me, “That story isn’t really going to work for me,” I was almost as happy as if they’d said “yes.” I don’t mind being told “no” – I do mind continuously following up without a response, so it was nice to be so straightforward.
  • Building confidence to pitch more stories.

Thanks to great planning by the PRSA and SPJ – and participation from the media – I’d say the event was a complete success!

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