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April 23, 2009
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April 23, 2009
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Cision is leading this PACKED breakout session...and I am under the air vent being blasted to within an inch of my life so forgive me as a shiver profusely during this post.

Some takeaways:

  • You need to have a social media policy for your brand or your client's brand - starting with one for your employees.
  • 1st steps to social media engagement:

Determine goals

Find target community

LISTEN (treat community and social network like a girlfriend!)

Share content

Create content

  • Rule of thumb - unless you are a superstar, DO NOT blog less than a few times a week!
  • Be prepared for it to creep out of your 9-5 workday
  • Facebook - 65 million unique visitors/month, making it king
  • Most companies have Facebook page rather than profile
  • Can't control who fans are, but you don't have to "friend" back
  • But what if you have major privacy issues and competitor list - Competitors can poach easily so don't give away farm
  • Twitter - 10 million unique visitors/month (may be higher b/c f tweet deck and other)
  • Friend Feed - 220,000 users - Way to aggregate yourself - one-stop shop of all of your social destinations but not great for outreach
  • SEO Benefits of Social Media:

It isn't MAGIC!

Submit your blog posts, videos and more to social news sharing sites as part of larger mix of interesting content

Use DIGG and Delicious - they boost your search immediately

Don't repeat key phrases - Google will discount you and know you are trying to trick them (and their users!)

  • Traditional Metrics to prove worth of Social Media and blogging:

Unique visitors/month

Email subscribers

RSS subscribers

Time spent

Unique monthly sessions

  • Some homework - check these out: for free to check things out

  • Social Metrics that matter:

Inbound links (through Google is easiest)


Unique comments

Comment engagement

Citation on social bookmarking and news sharing sites

  • What do you do with all these stats - look for patterns. This works for figuring out good bloggers to pitch and as reasoning to boss or clients that you need to be reaching out to that site
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