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As many of you may have seen, President Barack Obama recently took to his twitter account with big dreams for his #compromise initiative. Unfortunately these big dreams turned into twitter-spam as he (or his team rather) sent tweet after tweet of Republican representatives’ twitter handles from every state.

Was it a good idea in theory? Sure it was. Everyone should know who to contact with concerns regarding our states and nation.

Will it work to help make a change in the debt-ceiling crisis? That is yet to be seen. #fingerscrossed

But what it did do is fail as a social media tactic. Does he not have a social media team? Or an online communications director?  If so, they may soon be having a “talking to” from the big man.

As Mashable, the online resource for everything digital culture, social media and technology, reported:

“Since his staff began the campaign, his follower count, which sits north of 9 million, has decreased by 14,000. Users have also turned to Twitter to express frustration with the barrage of tweets.

The hashtag for the campaign, #compromise, has yet to catch on as a trending topic, although it was mentioned more than 6,500 times in the first hour.

Tweets that mention @BarackObama since the Twitter campaign began are mostly negative.”

While we wouldn’t call this a complete failure, it could have used some pre-tweet planning.

One idea, and maybe a much easier way of connecting the public with their representatives under the #compromise initiative? Give each state its own hashtag (#compromiseAZ, #compromiseCA, #compromiseIN, etc.) where each state’s Republican representatives would respond to queries from the public.

How would you have suggested the president and his team roll out the #compromise initiative on twitter? And did you unfollow??

Kendra Schultz
Kendra Schultz
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Proving once again that you still need a plan before you use social media.

  2. Kendra Schultz says:

    President or not, you should always think before you tweet!

  3. Stephanie Lough says:

    You are what you tweet. In this case, BO is canned meat product.

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