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November 4, 2014
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November 6, 2014
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Presidential PhotoI love to vote.

I have a lot of opinions.

I love that we live in a country that we have the opportunity to vote for our elected officials.

In looking at my Facebook and Twitter feeds from yesterday, particularly from my PR and media friends, I am not alone. But instead of doing the same old boring blog post about our right to vote, the importance of voting, you can’t complain if you don’t vote, yada yada yada, I thought a more interesting question would be: if you could do public relations for any president (past or present) who would it be and why?

And, YES I know this was not a presidential election but I still like the question!

Team HMA weighed in:

Scott- President Abraham Lincoln- because he saved the country and ended slavery.  It was such a divisive time in our history and he masterfully guided the nation through it.

Abbie-  I was the last one to respond to Rachel’s question and since Scott said President Lincoln,  I’m going with George Washington. I think it would have been interesting to be on the team when he was elected president.  Unchartered territory, lots of firsts.

Alison- President Harrison because he died after just 30 days in office so it would be a short job. Hence why I would want it, as I would rather do anything than a job in politics of any kind.

Kelly – President John F. Kennedy because I would be able to manage the alleged “scandalous” events such as with Marilyn Monroe.

Shelby- President Nixon or President Carter because they both probably needed it the most and they would be the most challenging, which would be the most fulfilling.

And I personally would choose President Reagan, because my grandmother always talked about how he was the greatest President we ever had, and you can’t argue with my grandmother. But if I could choose a second it would also be President John F. Kennedy because managing his crisis communication would be a fascinating full-time job and I would have (hopefully) been able to get to know Jackie O.

So now that you know who Team HMA would select, please let me know, if you could do public relations for any president (past or present) who would it be and why?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
Senior Account Executive Rachel is a native Arizonian, who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, playing tennis, reading and social media. She’s a busy mom and is passing the idea of volunteerism onto her son. Check out Rachel's Full Bio


  1. David Landis says:

    In that order.
    I guess you know where I stand, right?
    Cheers, David

  2. Shelby Ray says:

    Here is what my friends had to say on Facebook:

    Nick Hebert – Reagan or Rand Paul.. “Rand Paul is what you get when you take a libertarian and give him national electoral ambitions.” I’m excited to see what his part will be in the next presidential election.
    24 mins · Unlike · 4

    Jason Mollica – I’d go with FDR or GW Bush. FDR because of being a wartime president and being part of a volatile time. GW Bush because after reading his book, I’m more fascinated by his leadership and though process.
    21 mins · Unlike · 2

    Nick Hebert – FDR would be awesome too.
    19 mins · Unlike · 2

    Lisa Crocco – JFK because he was a PR person’s dream to work with! Or Clinton since his sex scandal could have made for an interesting PR challenge.
    15 mins · Unlike · 3

    Ryan Smart – Hands down Ronald Reagan because he made the world and our country a better place. He restored pride in our nation and made Americans believe in the slogan from his 1984 campaign: “Prouder, stronger, better.” Plus he’s from Illinois
    2 mins · Like · 1

  3. Alison Bailin says:

    President Andrew Shepard!!!!

  4. Alison Bailin says:

    Some comments from my friends:

    Carol Powers Bailin: Very interesting choices HMA, but after viewing THE ROOSEVELTS on PBS, I think I would go with Teddy Roosevelt…but, Bill Clinton would be fun, too, and challenging for obvious reasons…

    Arif Patani: Thomas Jefferson – just so I could hang out with him.

    Rick Matheson: Lincoln would have been a LOT to handle for sure. Today, though, it would be like, “Come on, bro – just tell the South that they’re on the hashtag wrong side of history! Get a Kickstarter goin’.”

    Jo Pullen: Honest Abe!!

    Shana Schwarz: Woodrow Wilson. Often forgotten, but a total bad ass.

    Garrett Perea: Eisenhower would be my pick. Brilliant military mind and a fascinating era.

    Peter Gavura: Nixon? If you were up to the challenge

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