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January 27, 2014
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Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Forget the MVP, for which Peyton Manning will surely win (again) for his historic season on the field.

To me, Peyton is my reigning MVMP – Most Valuable Marketing Person.

But, not for the reasons you think!

Surely, his “Everyman” brand has captured the hearts (and wallets) of every advertiser from Buick to Papa John’s. And, his “see, I can laugh at myself” triumphs on Saturday Night Live has captured most of the rest of us, too.

But, it wasn’t until this week on the Dan Patrick Show that I truly saw how far beyond my imagination his marketing savvy truly went.

Allow me to explain:

Anyone who has watched the NFL in recent years has noticed that players – and even the fields themselves – are more mic’ed up than ever in an effort to bring viewers closer and closer into the game time action. This was never more evident that the past several weeks, as we could all hear Peyton screaming his “Omaha! Omaha!” secret code more than 100 times (according to Scott) to signal to his teammates about various plays.

Jokingly, Dan said that folks must think Peyton has an endorsement deal with Mutual of Omaha or even Omaha Steaks for all the “love” Peyton shows the city during games.

Without missing a beat, Peyton discussed how – while this was certainly not the case for him – easy it would be for players, teams and the NFL to sell “naming rights” to quarterback’s in-game chants/signals.

For example, don’t you think Coca-Cola would pay Peyton or Tom Brady or Drew Brees to chant “Coke Zero! Coke Zero! Coke Zero!” as their secret code for all the world to hear?

Heck, I want to take up a collection and have one of them just say my name once during a national broadcast! And, I will take this over the “next generation” marketing that soccer turned to years ago – putting brand names on player jerseys that are larger than the actual team names. Yuck.

So, what say you? Did Peyton just come up with the “next big thing” in sports marketing?



Alison Bailin
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