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January 18, 2008
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I read an interesting post over the weekend on PRSquared about passion as it relates to your business. In it, author Todd Defren touts:

In the world of Public Relations, we unofficially use Passion as a barometer for the likely success of a client program. Are the members of the C-suite energized, gleeful, determined, convincing? If so, the PR team is eager to set-up appointments with media influencers; we know that these clients will pass the Spouse Test.How many times have you come home – late – from a meeting, and grunted noncommitally to your spouse when they asked about your day? Now imagine how many times a Wall Street Journal business reporter meets with some nondescript executive spokesperson and subsequently shrugs impassively when their own spouse asks about their slate of meetings.What if you were in one of those meetings? Is that how you want to be remembered? – as just another empty suit?I’ve been known to tell clients in advance of a “Big Meeting” to be prepared for a kick under the table if I sense that their energy levels are waning. I urge them to clench a pencil between their teeth during conference calls with the media, to get those “happy-face endorphins” pumping.It can be challenging in our business to find the same the passion about our clients’ products as they do, but it is, after all, part of what they’re paying us to do. It’s always a good thing to keep in mind when pitching the media: exude some passion about the goods you’re hyping and even if you don’t know if you’re feeling it, fake it until you do. And never let ‘em see you wane.

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