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Aunt Adele reading from the book during Alison’s wedding ceremony

This week in our staff meeting, the subject of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You Will Go came up, and it got me to thinking...

Admittedly more of a Green Eggs and Ham girl, I read Oh, the Places You Will Go my fair share of times as a child.

Because of our Dr. Seuss staff meeting – and the fact that I am in Las Vegas right now with PRSA, a place to go if ever there was one – I've been thinking all week about the impact of words throughout our lives. You see, when I was little, the words in Oh, the Places You Will Go were about adventure.

Then, my mother gave me a copy of the book for my college graduation. This time around, the words in the book painted a picture of my future, which still seemed such a ways off, even at 22.

And just two years ago, my husband and I chose for our aunt to read the book at our unconventional wedding ceremony. This time, the words painted a picture of embracing life on a daily basis. And doing it with a partner.

This week, I thought about the words in the book and thought about – of all things – summer vacation.

It's funny how the same words can mean so many different things throughout our lives, and how all can be impactful.

So, as I a sit at my computer today, I am pondering all of the words I read as a child that have a new meaning and paint a new picture in my adulthood.

What words have you read or heard as a child that meant something to you? And what do those words mean to you today?

PS – Be careful when pondering this over anything Disney-related. As I wrote this post, my mind wondered to Beauty and the Beast and, based on the words I remember from the book and movie, as an adult I now see it as a story of imprisonment, verbal abuse and a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome!

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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