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Dale Carnegie is (STILL) the Man!

The world is open for business – weeeeee! The business, however, is the business of humanity. Since I am a human, I must be AWESOME at […]

Act Like Abe!

In honor of Presidents’ Day, I wanted to share some great food for thought I learned from HMA Book Club’s February book, How to Win Friends […]

The Fifth Estate

Every month one of us HMA’ers reads a book that is related to our industry and reports back on the findings – our own little HMA […]

Book Club – “Return of the Gold: The Journey of Jerry Colangelo and the Redeem Team”

Each month, one member of the HMA team reads a book of his/her choosing and shares when he/she learned from the book during one of our […]

Book Club – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

So it is my turn to review a book for the HMA book club. Stopped into Abbie’s office – she has a ton of books. She […]

Book Club – The Servant as Leader

Sometimes for our book club, we search high and low for the perfect fit. And sometimes, books just fall into our laps. This very thing happened […]

Book Club: Managing the Professional Services Firm, David H. Maister

It is my (Abbie, that is) turn for the HMA Book Club – had gotten a couple recommendations and finally settled on Managing the Professional Service […]

HMA Book Club – #EngageOrDie

Or, as I have subtitled it: My Social Media-Marilyn Monroe Epiphany Each month, Team HMA gathers round the fireplace (seriously, we have one in our office) […]

Book Club – When Growth Stalls

Even though I graduated from elementary school quite a while ago and it’s summer break, I still can’t get away from book reports! But luckily, this […]

Book Club – Putting the “Public” Back in Public Relations

For this month’s (well, actually, last month’s) book report, I read Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge. The book […]