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With HMA since:

Palm Desert, California

School (University):
University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

How I define Public Relations:

Public relations is the way organizations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and the media to create and maintain a positive image of their brand, while upholding a strong relationship with target audiences.

Hat you most identify with:

I identify with Nick Saban’s straw hat. Why, you ask?

Nick Saban, the best college football coach ever, created a coaching system titled “The Process.” He uses “The Process” in all aspects of his coaching career. I watched it come to life when Tua Tagovailoa delivered that National Championship title-winning 41-yard, walk-off touchdown in overtime against Georgia to DeVonta Smith, and I have also implemented the system into my own life.

The four steps of the process are as follows:

  1. Identifying a goal.
  2. Breaking down the goal into smaller steps.
  3. Focusing all of my energy and effort into the next step.
  4. Working the process step-by-step.

I work well on a play-by-play schedule – working one step at a time and watching the final product unfold along the way.

Some people get carried away thinking so much about a big goal and fail to actually make progress toward that goal each day. In my career, I aim to use “The Process” to tell every client’s story and turn them into champions.

Roll Tide!

My Story:

“Where are you from?” That has become my favorite question of all time.

In 22 years, I have lived in six states and nine cities all over the country. When I turned one, my family moved from San Francisco to Palm Desert, California. I definitely grew up a California girl, but more importantly, my passion for the arts began there. Little did I know at that time, but that ballet studio taught me everything: team work, dedication, time management, patience, fearlessness and creativity, just to name a few. The summer after fifth grade, my family packed up and spent two amazing years in Richmond, Virginia.

When I was 13, we made the move to Valdosta, Georgia. This was quite the culture shock. People were “fixin” to do something all the time and everyone’s entire year was planned around high school and SEC football season. However, I quickly molded into this southern lifestyle and appreciated the importance of tradition and fried everything. I had my first taste of independence when I danced with Joffrey Ballet in New York City during my high school years and had my first “You did it!” moment when I received my Girl Scout Gold Award. My high school required an internship before graduation, and I contacted a family friend who was the Valdosta City School System’s Director of Public Relations. I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t really know what public relations was. However, by the end of that internship, I knew my college major.

I graduated high school in Georgia and realized I was not ready to part ways with the south, so I attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In May of 2018, I graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Information Sciences, majoring in public relations and two minors in communications studies and political science…and maybe even a specialization in college football.

During my college years, my parents moved a couple more times but planted some roots in Phoenix my senior year. After graduating, I travelled cross-country with my entire life wedged in the back of my car. Five days into my life as a college graduate, I walked into HMA Public Relations with a resume in hand. A week later, I joined the team as an Account Coordinator.

Each city has given me the ability to learn something new, whether it be about myself, the place or the people. That is why I knew a public relations career was the right path for me – I will never stop learning, I will meet all kinds of people and I will do something positive for someone else every single day.