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August 6, 2008
Publicity Stunt of the Week
August 7, 2008
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So, over the past few days, I have reviewed some of the public relations disasters surrounding the impending Summer Olympics begin in Beijing.

Now, I would like to give some Men's USA Basketball.

After the humiliation of finishing third in the last Olympics, this team - nicknamed the "Redeem Team" by some public relations genius - is working both on the court and with the media to ensure USA Basketball gets its mojo back.

The commercials, created by some of the NBA's biggest sponsors including Nike and Sprite, focus on showing teamwork, patriotism and redemption while giving us back some of the Goosebumps that the original Dream Team provided

Heck - their combination of public relations and advertising almost has me cheering for KOBE.


But, Kobe aside, go TEAM USA!!!

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