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Anthony Cogswell, intern from The Fearey Group, and Kelly Potts, intern from HMA Public Relations, will be doing a four-week intern series on our blogs! Throughout this series they will be comparing and contrasting internships as well as different topics/conversations that are new to them in the PR world!

This is the last post of the view from two interns’ desks! Anthony and Kelly are both ending their internships and starting their careers at their respective agencies.

AC: Throughout my college career, academic advisors and communications professors all urged me to do everything in my power to begin my career at a public relations agency. They said that the fast pace and heavy workload would provide an environment to cut my teeth in this industry, learn what public relations is truly about, and gain valuable skills quickly. They also said that an internship at an agency would define the type of practitioner I was going to be. Some people aren’t cut out for competing deadlines for multiple clients and much prefer in-house public relations at a large company.

My internship with The Fearey Group has improved my skills and taught me countless lessons. It has helped me realized the importance of networking, creating relationships, attention to detail, working harder than the next guy, and being driven to consistently deliver results. My internship here has also helped me realize that I am fortunate enough to love what I do for a living. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to continue learning and growing in.

If I had to give one piece of advice to Kelly, it would be to approach every single pitch, newsrelease, phone call, and client meeting as though it’s your first day as an intern. Keeping that determination and desire to prove your worth and exceed expectations is what will bring consistent success for the long-term. Best of luck!

KP: When I started my internship at HMA, I was a little nervous. I had never worked in an agency before, and as Abbie has said “You are either agency material, or you’re not.” And she’s right. You cannot fake your way through a PR agency because there is so much work to be done, all the time! I have done internships in the different PR areas, but agency was the one I was looking forward to most – and it is by far the one where I have learned the most!

Throughout my internship I have become a stronger writer, learned to look at the bigger picture of every client and still pay attention to the small details, managed relationships and, of course, networked. Some of the things that I learned at previous internships have been reaffirmed as well. As Anthony said, you still have to work harder than the next person, and people will remember you for the good things. I am so grateful for the opportunity to intern here at HMA, to begin my career as a fulltime public relations practitioner at this agency, and extremely grateful that I get to work in PR for a living! I would not have it any other way!

My advice to Anthony is to keep that drive of being better every day. And don’t be afraid to ask questions, because it will only help you be better every day. I have enjoyed writing this blog series with you! And I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future!

What is one piece of advice you would give us as we start our careers?

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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  1. Katie says:

    Congratulations to both of you!

    My best advice is to network! Don’t be afraid to get out there, go to event and meet new people. You never know where a future client or new business opportunity may be hiding!

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