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August 11, 2015
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August 13, 2015

ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live StudiosI’m going to shamelessly admit something – I have a really cool job. And, no – no one here put me up to that comment! As many #PRpros know, working in public relations is full of fun perks. However, my cool job isn’t exclusively because of the industry, much of it really does have to do with the company I work for and its awesome people! When I first moved here, one year and three months ago, HMA helped me tremendously as I worked on acclimating myself with my new surroundings and career.

From Scott giving me tickets to see the Diamondbacks play, to Abbie giving me the opportunity to meet people through networking events, to Alison providing me with her fabulous guide on the best restaurants and things to do in the area and to Rachel leaving little mementos in my office, it all makes for things worth bragging over. There is actually more worth bragging over, and Rachel covered it pretty well in this recent blog post – Girls (and Boy) Just Want to Have Fun.

I really appreciate other aspects of the job, too – like HMA’s philosophies. One philosophy we have is to be proactive in making connections with the media since we so often work with them. We do this by getting away from our computers and actually sitting down to meet face-to-face. Our media meetings allow us to make those valuable connections. This is why, when Caelen and I expressed interest in being part of the live audience for Sonoran Living Live on ABC 15 we were highly encouraged to go.

And let me tell you – it was so much fun! It’s a very entertaining show to watch on TV, so being in front of all the live action was a blast. It’s hard to believe that work for that morning included networking with the great people at ABC 15 like hosts, Terri Ouellette and Susan Casper, pitching and securing segments for clients and sitting back enjoying the show. Yet, when I look at the outcome of attending the show I’d say it was a very successful morning.  I would not have been easily able to do those things from behind a desk.

I’ve talked about it before, the power of networking is infinite – and it’s also really fun, so network your heart out!

Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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