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November 2, 2009
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November 5, 2009
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NAU PRSSA Birthday CakeThe NAU PRSSA Chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary by inducting 23 new members. This brings the chapter’s membership to more than 30-strong.

Chapter President Meghan Almaas and her executive board held the induction event at NAU’s DuBois Center. As the chapter’s PRSA professional advisor, I was also invited to speak and participate in the ceremony.

Students always ask such good questions: “What do you think of the international PR opportunities?” and “Have you ever hired someone without a PR background?” are two that come to mind.

In short, my answers were, “there are tremendous international scottopportunities in PR and no, HMA Public Relations has not hired anyone without a PR background.”

It is always fun to be around such enthusiastic PR students. In fact, six of them are going to be attending the PRSA’s International Conference in San Diego, Nov. 7-10. I am hopeful their optimism and energy will rub off on some of the other attendees.

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