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August 24, 2011
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August 26, 2011
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3TV recently launched its latest show to hit the airwaves. A 10 p.m. newscast called 3TV News at 10 with hosts Carey Peña and Valley newbie, Fields Moseley. I watched Monday’s first newscast and thought the pair had great chemistry. For being the first show, I was surprised at how natural and well everything flowed. I like how the show incorporates social media by referring back to Facebook for input from the viewers. This is a great way for shows to make audiences feel like they have a voice and are serving as a contribution to the show.

I also like that the show has a running list of segments to the side of the screen. After one segment has wrapped it goes away and the next comes down.

The show’s executive producer Jason Berry welcomes and encourages feedback, video, photo and story submissions from viewers through an online form on their website.

The program is a modern twist on the old-fashioned newscast. I think it’s really cool what a big impact social media has on shaping the show. It’s a sign of the times and I’m excited to see what else 3TV News at 10 has in store for us.

Brittany Richardson
Brittany Richardson
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Stephanie Lough says:

    Had trouble coming up with a pic, did we?

  2. And the show features two of the best names in TV: Royal Norman and Fields Moseley.

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