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May 25, 2016
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May 27, 2016
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Most interesting man_0001 (1)I venture to guess that all of us have seen either a television or print ad featuring “the most interesting man in the world” promoting Dos Equis beer.  With the signature tagline, Stay Thirsty, this product spokesman has become so closely identified with the product that the only way to change out the ad concept was to relocate him…to Mars!

The television send-off happened in March.  And Rolling Stone magazine featured the final interview as its “cover story” in its May 5 issue.  The irony is not lost that it happened to be Cinco de Mayo and Dos Equis is crafted in Mexico.

Lots of reasons have been shared as to the reason the actor, Jonathon Goldsmith, is being replaced.  Age, contract disputes, etc. The agency responsible for the ad concept is relying on research that says it’s time for a change.

Most interesting man_0001 (2)Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that this campaign change, cleverly disguised as a well-placed media interview, demonstrates the blurring lines between advertising and media relations.  Will the consumer know the difference?

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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