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April 7, 2016
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Inde Fusion 5Last night, fun was had by one and all at the PRSA Phoenix  Mixology Networking Night, hosted by Inde Fusion in Scottsdale!

During the evening’s festivities, which included delightful samples from the newly launched restaurant’s eclectic (and flavorful) menu and talk on all things marketing, media and communications; we were treated to an interactive mixology demonstration by the professional bartender, John (and his sassy Brooklyn accent).

As he taught us the secrets to making the perfect raspberry cosmo and strawberry mango mojito, respectively, it occurred to me just how much of what he was doing translated into what we all do.

Some thoughts:

  • Learning from a LimeInde Fusion
    • Rather than simply slicing up a lime and squeezing out the juice, he recommended prepping it first by rolling it around on a cutting board – working smarter, not harder. In public relations, we don’t simply blast out a story pitch hoping to squeeze juice out of the story right away – we research the topic; we find timely news angles; we provide visual elements. We prepare our “limes!”
  • Don’t get too Muddled Up
    • Rather than adding fruit and mint to a mojito and then using an instrument to crush the living daylights out of them (as is often seen on TV), you are actually supposed to lightly muddle the ingredients together until the bouquet from the ingredients starts to come out. In public relations, sometimes too much really is too much. Sometimes a story or campaign just isn’t a fit. If it is, don’t try to beat the idea to death. Re-strategize and move on.
  • Measure for Success
    • Mixology is both an art and a science – much like public relations. In mixology, if you measure your ingredients (especially for a cosmo) in perfect harmony, every single drink will be a perfect pour each time. That being said, there is space to get a little creative and try new things – a little less rum and a little more mango, for example. In public relations, everything we do should be in direct measure to our recipe – er, plan. That being said, there is always room for a little creativity – in the tactical ideas and in the writing.
  • KISSInde Fusion 2
    • Classic drinks have stood the test of time for a reason – they keep it simple! And in our jobs, it is sometimes all too easy to get lost in adjectives, exclamation points and back story. Sometimes the best strategy is to keep it simple too.

And, as a bonus, be prepared behind the bar and on the PR job. Unlike me last night…as you can see from the notepad I had to use in a pinch (why yes, that is a wrinkled receipt from my purse! And yes, that is how bad my handwriting truly is!).

Bonus number two: here are the recipes from last night so you can try your hand at a little mixology mastery too!


Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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