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July 8, 2015
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Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/social-media-smartphones-mobile-web-400854/

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/social-media-smartphones-mobile-web-400854/

Yesterday I came across this PRnews article, by Alex Clough, 5 Ways to Engage Millennials on Social Media. Because I like to read articles on social media, the title immediately captured my interest. Here at HMA Public Relations we have had many past blog posts on millennials: 10 Traits of Millennials, Millennials in the Workforce and even one by Abbie titled

Millennials and Social Media – the ongoing debate so I would say we do a pretty good job of trying to “stay in touch.”

In Clough’s article he states that success can be attributed to five “simple” guidelines:

  • Make sure you have the right to speak – Don’t join a conversation that isn’t relevant to your brand.
  • Keep it short, sharp and simple – KISS(S)
  • Target by interest, not age – relevance is everything – Don’t target millennials for senior living products
  • Recognize that millennials listen to millennials – The power of others to influence a brand.
  • Keep your content true to your brand – Again pay attention to what it relevant to your brand.

As I was reading the five guidelines I thought they sounded good but they seem pretty standard and as if you can take out the word millennials and drop in Gen X or Baby Boomers and the guidelines would still be the same.

What I was surprised that wasn’t mentioned, specifically about Millennials (that would apply less to other generations), was how you show how your brand engages in the community. How is your brand socially responsible and how does it give back to nonprofits?  In addition, how can Millennials engage with your brand to also give back?

In addition, many Millennials not only are looking to their peers for recommendations, they also look to social media influencers as well.  If you have a brand that engages with popular influencers such as Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig and Jessica Northey  make sure you are using that to your advantage.

What are your thoughts about engaging Millennials? Is anything else missing from this list?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
Senior Account Executive Rachel is a native Arizonian, who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, playing tennis, reading and social media. She’s a busy mom and is passing the idea of volunteerism onto her son. Check out Rachel's Full Bio

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  1. Shelby Ray says:

    As a millennial, I think it’s important for us to see that brands are readily available on social media to answer questions. I think a lot of millennials will reach out to a brand on Twitter or Facebook because they know that brand is very likely to respond. Because the brand’s whole audience is able to view in real time how they handle a situation, a person can feel confident getting a situation resolved this way.

    When I see brands showing humanity and personality on social media it makes me relate to them more. For example, when Chipotle interacts with followers on Twitter they will sign off with the employees name to make it more personal. I think we like the idea of big brands doing what they can to not seem like they are just some faceless corporation.

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