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June 13, 2014
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June 16, 2014

Milaap_oIt should come as no surprise to you that I have gotten involved in another fundraising program.  But this one is a little different…let me explain.

My friend Shonali has put together a group of folks that she is calling #HopeProject Champions.  Our responsibility is to raise awareness and funding for a group of women known as Devadasi – young girls and women that were “dedicated” to temples in Southwestern India, where once they were associated with divinity and service to society and through unfortunate circumstances are now struggling to make ends meet.

Enter Milaap (Hindi word for ‘unity’). Started in June 2010, three passionate young entrepreneurs had a single vision – to change people’s concept of giving and make it a personal, transparent and sustainable process. The end borrowers are the deserving, working poor of India who need a small amount of capital to get ahead and change their lives for the better.

Milaap started the #HopeProject to fund these former Devadasi women who have started their own small businesses. So when Shonali said I could champion the cause of these women and help them with their business, I went ahead and did so.

I set a very modest goal, just $500. I made an initial investment of $50.  The beauty of this effort is you can lend a little or a lot and the entire amount will be returned to you as soon as the loan matures. You see, these women are fiercely independent and need just a little financial help to turn their lives around.

Here's the link to my page:  Together, let's lend a little and help cement their future.

In celebration of Milaap’s “birthday,” the Champions are going to be sharing information through social media for the next 24 hours.  So if you’d like to know more, just follow #Milaap4Hope on Twitter.  I’ll be chatting it up from 11-noon on Monday (June 16).

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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