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Star Wars Branding

Star Wars Branding

May the PR Force Be With You

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” or perhaps tomorrow…. The new Star Wars movie is opening (as if you didn’t know) and the branding, marketing and public relations campaigns around this movie are “out of this world!”

With all of the popularity of this new Star Wars movie a major question might have been, “does Star Wars really need to have branding, marketing and public relations campaigns?” While that is a question that could be debated for some time (and a good question) it is not the focus of this blog post.

The focus of this blog post is about brands using the new Star Wars movie for “branding” their products.  I was shopping in Target the other day (I can’t say which day because I happen to shop there quite often, and no I do not have a “problem”…I know other people who shop there just as often as I do) and I walked by the make-up section and there was Star Wars make-up. I immediately thought how weird is that and who would really purchase Star Wars make-up? As I was continuing my shopping, I noticed that Star Wars was EVERYWHERE… toys, movies, kitchen, bathroom and even in the food aisles. It was just mind-boggling to me just how many items were branded with Star Wars.

In my opinion, many of these brands were just trying to be part of all the hype around the new Star Wars movie and not focusing on whether or not their brand fit with the theme. It reminds me of last year when the “What color is this dress?” debate was all over social media. There were some brands (clothing, laundry detergent) that it made sense to post but there were others (restaurants, food) that had no business commenting. On a side note (that I can now laugh about… because I can’t make this up) that was the same day that there were “llamas on the loose” in Phoenix and I had to tell a client that their television segment was cancelled because of llamas and a dress. #TrueStory

The point of this blog post is that yes, the new Star Wars movie is a big deal, but I would encourage your organization to take a look at your brand (and brand values) before deciding to jump on a bandwagon .

Ask yourself  “if the force is strong with this one?” Just because every other brand is doing it doesn’t mean your brand should as well. Remember “your focus determines your reality.”

Have you seen any brands jump on the Star Wars bandwagon (or any other bandwagon) that just didn’t make sense to you?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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