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June 17, 2008
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Excellent article in Friday's Phoenix Business Journal and commented on in the Valley PR Blog about former journalists going to the "Dark Side" and joining the PR profession.

I tend to think of the PR side as the "Bright Side." True, we have clients and issues that are not always fun, but it's not a steady stream of roll-overs on I-17, four-car pile-ups, gloom and doom economic news and live team monsoon-storm coverage. That can become "dark" pretty quickly.

Just ask the Channel 5 alumni who are now working in the PR field, including myself, Roger Downey at the Arizona Medical Board, Kelly Taft and Carlos Jurado at Maricopa Association of Governments, Laurie Munn at Schaller Anderson, Bart Graves at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Holly Ward at the Maricopa County Department of Air Quality, Ron Meritt and John Hernandez at PRfect Media or Patricia DiRoss at Qwest. Bill Baer of Baerclaw Productions is in that alumni group, as well.

I'm sure I missed a few and I didn't even get to the cadre of former Channel 12 staffers and the contingent from the other TV and radio stations now working in public relations.

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HMA Public Relations
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  1. Scott:

    Couldn’t agree more. I loved working for the CBS TV affiliate in San Francisco (KPIX TV), but jumped at the chance to move back into public relations – on the agency side. Not only is it more diverse (due to the client mix), but you can have more of a positive effect on the businesses with which you work. Vive le PR! Cheers, David

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