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November 10, 2010
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November 12, 2010
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HMA client Fisher & Phillips LLP, a national labor and employment law firm, today reported that the National Labor Relations Board's General Counsel has issued a complaint against a Connecticut ambulance service alleging that one of its union-represented emergency medical technicians was unlawfully fired after criticizing her supervisor on Facebook. The complaint also alleges, among other things, that the company’s blogging and Internet policy “interferes with, restrains, and coerces” employees in the exercise of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. An administrative law judge is scheduled to hear the complaint in January.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard allegations like this. What is your take on Facebook in the workplace? What are your Do’s and Don’ts?

To read Fisher & Phillips’ explanation of the complaint, please click here.

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
Vice President/General Manager Abbie has been doing public relations her whole life…from organizing a picket line in 6th grade to organizing client communications today. She’s passionate about a lot of things, you’ll see. Check out Abbie's full bio

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  1. Sandra Fink says:

    My school distict pays for and hosts the internet which means there are many sites that have a firewall, including facebook. At any time, the district may check my e-mail, and websites as well as the times I am on it. If I am suppost to be teaching and I am checking my e-mail, or surfing the net, I better be able to prove that it was work related (to the lesson). My union would not be able to stop it since every employee signed a letter of acknowledgement stating that the district has the right to check. There really is no right to privacy when you are on the internet.

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