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Shelby and Grandparents2This blog is co-written by Shelby and Kelly.

What most people don’t know about us is we had similar paths to HMA.  We both met HMA team members at PRSA events before the after-college internship search began. We both were heavily involved in our PRSSA chapters in college. And, we both interned at HMA before being offered the chance to stay on as an account coordinator. As if that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, we both have grandparents that live in the Valley – which is what made it possible for us to join Team HMA!

Fun fact – our grandparents live on opposite sides of the Valley, exactly one hour and 15 minutes apart.

Since this Sunday is Grandparents Day, we wanted to share career advice that our grandparents bestowed on us, while we were “roommates.”

Shelby: When I came out here to visit Abbie in the spring, my grandparents played a heavy role in discussing my career plans. My Grandpa dropped some heavy wisdom that is very relatable no matter what field one pursues.

“A career path should be a means to the future you seek, and flexible enough to change as you mature.”  Wow.  But that wasn’t all he had to say.

“When I was your age, I had no goals but I instinctively knew to do certain things.  I had an excellent work ethic and would always seek challenges.  Because of this, I was promoted way ahead of my colleagues.  Since I tended to try things no one else would, I made numerous mistakes, but I learned from them and very seldom made the same one twice.  I was always fair and honest with my superiors and subordinates.  These traits can be applied to any profession and will guarantee a modicum of success.”Kids - Grandparents b

Kelly: Coming home each night from my internship was always so much fun. I knew that when I came home, my grandparents would have a home-cooked meal waiting for me and eager to hear about my day. Well, maybe they were more interested in watching Family Feud with me than chatting all night, but I’m going with the latter. My Grandpa always stuck with the tried and true advice, if you work hard and be nice to people, it pays off in the long run. There is a reason that piece of advice is given so much, because it’s true and it works. If you are nice and work hard, the rewards will come.

If we can generalize anything about these two pieces of advice from our grandparents, it’s to always work hard, put in the effort to be nice and honest to others and try new things even if it means making a mistake or two along the way. Even though our grandparents’ professions differ from our own, both grandpas served in the Air Force (another coincidence), we can see how it translates into our communication field.

Funny enough, the similarities keep going. Both our grandparents are on vacation this week from their busy retiree lives, those crazy kids. So, we hope they’re having a blast and have a very happy Grandparents Day!

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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