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August 17, 2009
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alisonAt last night’s #journchatphx, there was a buzz in the room about how to get clients and the community at large to accept – and engage – in social media. As a panelist, I chimed in that it will happen, but in an old-school way and mentioned that the king of “traditional” entertainment, branding, pitching – Michael Jordan – may be the answer. I then mentioned a recent Mashable article touting how Gatorade was going to use Jordan’s upcoming induction to the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame to make a statement in the social realm.

Sadly, I didn’t have the article handy at that moment – so here it is! jordan_gatorade

As you see, Gatorade – who owes their entire brand identity to Jordan – is launching a Jordan nostalgia/greatest hits Facebook App that is already getting major international buzz.

So, fellow #journchat Tweeps – what do you think? Will using the greatest traditional pitchman of all time help the world embrace social media? Will it give us even more ammunition in our on-going conversations about social media to our bosses, clients and colleagues?

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