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While you were busy on Twitter this past month, you may have missed this…Orwell1984

Turns out, it’s1984 again (cue vision of creepy George Orwell book we all had to read in high school), and the positive Michael Jackson public relations is flowing like beer at an after-prom party.

So, let’s take a look at the Michael Jackson public relations plan over the past few weeks, and its amazing time-warping, memory-erasing powers! thriller

  • First – the tributes (and tears), meant to systematically erase 2009 Michael Jackson from our minds and replace him with cute Jackson 5 Michael and top-of-the-world Thriller Michael. Impressive. Hey, when we PR folks pitch a story to TV, we only use our best visuals. So did they!
  • coffin_1439013iSecond – the memorial, where everyone and their mother used the key messaging of “greatest entertainer of all time” until my ears bled. By the time Jesse Jackson said it, our own 12 News’ Mark Curtis was working on a story about it! Hey, when PR folks put together key messaging for a campaign or brand, they can only dream of that kind of success!
  • Third – the video of poor victim Michael being burned by a misfortunate pyrotechnic accident. As we all know from journalism class, once there is no longer hard news to deliver on a news topic, we move on to secondary/background/fluff pieces. These PR folks are smart; using a video of Michael victimized to forget he was accused of victimizing others! _44483518_splash_neverland416
  • Fourth – complete and utter world domination! If the PR folks’ campaign goal was to re-ignite Michael’s popularity by 100%, they exceeded it by about 10 million percent! His albums are at the top of the charts, his kids are superstars, and there are already talks to turn Neverland Ranch (formerly known as a creepy amusement park with a secret room designed as a shrine to Macaulay Culkin) into a West Coast Graceland.

But, at what cost?jacksonscab_1444304c

So, what have been your favorite public relations strategies and tactics during this sad circus?

Judging by the new photos and reports of Jackson’s hideously damaged legs, the best (actually – the worst) seems like it is yet to come.

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  1. This is why I like you so much, Alison. You hit this on the head with the accuracy of trained sniper. PR people can’t fool PR people, can they?

    Thanks for a wonderful piece.

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