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January 11, 2008
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January 14, 2008
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Team HMA celebrating Abbie's 2009 birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth - Disneyland

Hello World! It’s timeHMA Time.

Much like good ‘ol MC Hammer broke it down with his “Hammer Time” nearly two decades ago, our version - HMA Time - will break it down too. As PR practitioners of varying ages and experience levels, each of our personal blogs on the profession of PR gives us the chance to sound off about the good, bad and ugly in our industry and those related to our field. We will be posting our thoughts, questions of the day, photo submissions, client spotlights and more! We welcome participation from other PR people, media folks and anyone else who stops by.

To quote Mr. Hammer once more, this blog is “Too legit. Too legit to quit.”

HMA Public Relations
HMA Public Relations
We’ve been creating in-depth, personally crafted campaigns to reach benchmarked milestones and goals since 1980. While the tools of our trade have evolved over the years, our strategies remain unwavering.


  1. Duff says:

    Hanner and HMA Team, as usual your team is first again on being on the leading edge. Very cool….. After reviewing your “Blog” I still don’t know what a “Blog” is or does. I’m going to add it to “My Favorites” so I can watch it grow and learn.

    Hanner, have fun this week and take lots of photos. Girls, I promise I won’t call and bug you this coming week.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good idea on the blog Scott, thanks for including me on the mailing. Hey, can we have Dennis Erickson back?

  3. […] HMA Public Relations has launched a PR blog called HMA Time. […]

  4. genwhynot says:

    Congrats HMA. Blogs are important as you know to the evolution of the company. Have fun.

  5. Jennifer Stein says:

    I’m proud of you – this is cutting-edge:) I’m with you- I just ordered caller ID, high-speed Internet and a DVR just in the last few months. The verdict is still out as to whether I like all this new technology. Maybe if I conquer texting, I’ll join tech movement:)

  6. […] HMA Public Relations has launched a PR blog called HMA Time. […]

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