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June 16, 2014
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On Friday, Whitney and I attended the PRSA luncheon, Inside the Newsroom: Republic Media. It was another sold-out event – and for good reason! What a great, and informational, lunch!

The Republic Media panelists included:


I learned a few new tips to share with everyone!

Some key advice from each panelist:


  • Always looking for topics that appeal to our audience. Right now, topics that do well for us content-wise is anything related to the economy, real estate, hiring/job related information and technology.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with a phone call – but be aware of the news of the day.


  • We are always thinking of what the social plan of every segment will be and what the “second-screen experience” will be. Most of our viewers are watching TV and surfing the web, so how can we enhance that experience?
  • Best way to pitch/follow up? Call around 10 a.m.! That’s my sweet spot after meeting and before I get pulled in a million directions. Email is always a great way to reach out as well.


  • We also enjoy the second-screen experience. When we covered the NFL draft, we had different content across all platforms to engage all readers and viewers. We are looking into fun ways to continue that for all big sporting events.
  • Be persistent with your follow up! Sometimes, we forget things, so don’t be afraid to call or email a few times about your event.  And, we LOVE to cover events that feature non-Arizona athletes – makes your event unique!.


  • We use a lot of metrics and analytics for our content. If a particular story has higher than normal views, it will stay on our homepage longer. But, if an article is not doing so well for us, we will not keep it up there for long.  Breaking news and sports stories do well for us – so if you have an expert on these stories, reach out to us BEFORE we publish our article.
  • Best practices in the follow up? Call the newsroom, or email me directly.

After the great luncheon, we took a tour of the Republic Media newsrooms and 12 News studios – where Whitney and I became anchors!

What did you think of the luncheon?

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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