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September 24, 2014
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qutThis week started with a reporter in Anchorage, Alaska who quit her job in the middle of the newscast and walked off. Following her “stunt” and her couple “choice” words, the video went viral and has been seen and talked about by millions.

This made me immediately think of the 2014 Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad this year where an engineer quit her job during the commercial, which was a surprise to her boss who was watching the game.

Is this becoming a new trend? With all the attention that the Anchorage reporter has received, do you think others will jump on the bandwagon to achieve their 15 minutes of fame?

As a PR professional, I see Crisis Communications 101 looming in the distance. I’m thinking about the other side, the possible backlash on the organizations and the demand for a company spokesperson to speak out. I’m not sure that this kind of publicity is the “good” publicity that we all strive to achieve. Maybe if I was working in Hollywood I would be whistling a different tune…

What do you think? Growing trend? Bad for business? Share your thoughts; I’m fascinated to know what others think about this topic.

Whitney Liem
Whitney Liem
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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