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heart5Yesterday, I came across a blog post, Writer responds 'I love you' to PR pitches, from, by Russell Working, that was so interesting I actually got lost in reading it.

The blog post was about a reporter, Ralph Jones, staff writer from Hexjam, who was tired of his inbox being flooded with news releases that were not relevant to him at all.  He decided to respond to every email with one response “I love you,” and see what response he would get back. The responses he got back were across the board from what some might call rude to others displaying their love back. #Hilarious

Now, I don’t have any problem with the fact that Mr. Jones tried out this experiment. But I will say in defense of PR professionals, and those who I know and work closely with on a daily basis, not all PR people are just sending a blanket release or pitch to every reporter.

I know here at HMA Public Relations we pride ourselves on a few things:

  • Building relationships (real relationships) with those in our industry. Not because I need to pitch them a story, but because we have a lot in common, such as we love to play Words with Friends (thanks Randy Cordova), have kids and a passion for nonprofits (Dianna Nanez) or we realize we are neighbors and our sons attended the same summer camp (Marcy Luganob).
  • Not sending a blanketed news release or pitch to a random person, but researching the publication and reporter (even if that means a little extra time and research to see what the previous 10 stories they wrote were). I would rather spend the time researching and sending a release to 10 targeted (where it is best for the client to run) publications/reporters I know will pick it up than sending it to 100 random places and hoping it gets picked up.

But yes, Mr. Jones, you are correct: a response, any response, is appreciated. Let me know that you got the release and you are working on it or let me know if you are not the correct reporter/publication. Perhaps I made a mistake in sending it to you, but it was not on purpose and it was not to flood your inbox.

One of the best responses that I have ever received back was from a reporter who said, Rachel this is a great pitch, I can’t do anything with it, but here is who you should send it to. And they CC’d that other person and gave me their phone number.

That all being said PR Pros, I want to know your opinion! Is any response better than no response?


PR Pros, what is the best response you have ever had back from a reporter?
Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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