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December 10, 2008
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December 12, 2008
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alison-2For once, this isn't a blog post from me about my wonderful clients (even though they are wonderful!), or me marveling at the brilliant and bad decisions of entertainment public relations and/or crisis communications. This is actually about my wedding. Well - sort of.

Starting this week, I added a note to my email signature that simply said I would be out of the office from Dec. 17 to Jan. 5 in celebration of my wedding - mostly to remind clients that I wouldn't have access to email for most of the holiday season.

From the first story pitch I sent on Monday with this note in my signature, the response has been overwhelming - and not from my clients! Instead, it is the media from across the country overwhelming me with congratulations, and also their own stories of wedding, anniversaries and romances.

It has been a nice reminder - much like Facebook is - that we're all just people, doing our jobs, not faceless email addresses and voices at the other end of a telephone.

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HMA Public Relations
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