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January 27, 2016
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Improve Media RelationsDo you want to learn how to improve media relations for your company or public relations agency? As you know, there are many benefits of media relations such as credibility, sharing a story, controlling a crisis, being able to bring in a new audience while retaining original fans and building beneficial relationships. With all these benefits in mind, you may find yourself wanting to perfect this strategy.

Years of pitching can make you a pro, but it can also mean you develop a niche where pitching outside your forte means contacting reporters where there isn’t a strong relationship. On the other hand, there may be no strong relationships built yet to a PR newbie, but that’s not to say he or she can’t write a compelling pitch. Whichever scenario you fall under, there a handful of things you can make sure you’re doing in order to improve.

Here are tips on how to improve media relations:

Master the art of tailoring your pitch – Writing is an art – be creative with your pitch as it can lead you to your grand masterpiece.

Become phone savvy – I hear all the time that millennials don’t like to talk on the phone. While I wouldn’t limit one generation to that observation, if this is true for you then it’s worth finding out how to overcome it. I can email-pitch all day, but following up with a phone call is more of a guarantee that my pitch will be put on a reporter’s radar rather than from a follow up email.

Don’t be intimidated – Maybe this tip is all a person needs to overcome feeling uncomfortable on the phone. Reporters are busy people; public relations professionals are busy people, so understanding that upfront before picking up the phone to pitch will save you from any future complex. Have confidence and passion when pitching a story to the media .

Build a network of contacts – Putting a face and personality to a reporter is just as beneficial for the public relations professional as it is for the reporter. Having a coffee meeting with a member of the media is your opportunity to pitch stories face-to-face to a reporter about your company or clients. You can learn what they like, don’t like, what their deadlines are, etc. In return, they learn who you work with, what type of sources of experts you have to offer and they can hear stories they might not have otherwise heard. This is why HMA Public Relations encourages us to network our heart out.

What tips do you have for learning how to improve media relations?
Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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