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December 15, 2015
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best of 2015At HMA, we post a lot of content throughout the year on our blog, HMATime. In fact, 251 posts and counting, to be exact – yes I counted! Our writing styles vary immensely though I’m certain we could pinpoint with ease who wrote which blog. Just about every one of our posts contains an educational aspect to it whether it’s about public relations and marketing, business and entrepreneurship or a thought-leadership piece on communications, volunteerism and the like. Some posts are funny, some are meaningful, but one thing is clear, it’s exhausting trying to determine the best of the best!

Nevertheless, the quest for the best is complete. What makes a post “the best?” I deferred to you, our loyal readers, and I rounded up each writer’s top three most read blog posts for 2015. Let’s take a look:

Scott’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. Are You A Critical Thinker?
    • In this post, Scott shares insight from PRGN partner, David Landis, president of Landis Communications, Inc., on what it takes to be a critical thinker. Being analytical, open-minded and debate-ready are just a few.
  2. Kilt Lifters
    • Through PRGN, we learned about a very creative campaign that raised more than $80,000 this year and it involved men of Seattle in kilts. Pretty clever if you ask me.
  3. Silence is Golden
    • We’ve all been there – experiencing a sense of uncomfortable silence that grips us, and many of us probably feel like we need to fill those awkward silences with words. Refrain! Don’t do it! Inspired by the movie American Sniper, this post can help you learn that silence is golden.

Abbie’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. Jobseeking skills – are they taught in school?
    • I don’t know how Abbie did it, but she managed to include an array of valuable job seeking advice in this single post. I wouldn’t know where to start if I wanted to highlight it all. If you’re job searching, you’ll want to read this.
  2. Is Engaging Media on Twitter Worth Your Time?
    • It looks like we weren’t the only people interested in learning if engaging with the media on Twitter is valuable. This post was actually the third most read post on our blog this year.
  3. #Kindness35 - HMA Marks our 35th Anniversary with some Random Acts
    • This has been a huge year for HMA as we’ve been celebrating our 35th anniversary. We celebrated it in a charitable way at the start of the year with our #Kindness35 effort, and we had a BLAST doing it.

Alison’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. #Blackfish Changes the World
    • As Blackfish changed the way the world views SeaWorld, it ranks not only as Alison’s most read blog, but as HMA’s number one, most read, blog post as well! Alison’s post received some amazing engagement; even a producer of the movie retweeted it.
  2. Are your Pitches Trash?
    • Not all pitches can be perfect, or can they? You’ll have to find out!
  3. How the Heck are YOU Getting THERE in Five Years?
    • This Book Club post was quite popular among our blog readers. Why? At some point in time, we all have procrastinated. This post helps teach the procrastinators of the world how to set and reach goals.

Rachel’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. PR Advice for Marshawn Lynch
    • If you know Rachel or are a daily reader of our blog, you probably know that she doesn’t often chime in on sports discussions. However, the ranking of this blog post proves that when she does offer up some insight, it’s going to be solid.
  2.  Millennials Can you Engage Me too
    • While this isn’t the first HMA blog post on millennials, it certainly brings a new perspective to the millennial conversation.
  3. What is your PR Blood Pressure?
    • Five agencies through two leading public relations organizations joined forces this year to assist a common client on one campaign. Through PRGN and PRSA’s Counselors Academy, we teamed up with strategic communicators for a Carrington College

Shelby’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. Is your content working for you?
    • Professionals of the industry spend a lot of time researching, strategizing, creating and delivering content. With all that time spent, it makes sense that the pros want to make sure that content ends up working just as hard in return.
  2. Takeaways from Anderson Cooper Lecture in Arizona
    • Anderson Cooper visited the Valley this year and led an interesting discussion on the role of today’s reporter. With too many key takeaways to list, this post features some great coverage of the event.
  3. A Family Heritage of Writers
    • This post takes the reader through time, way back to the founding of the Chicago Tribune and during Abraham Lincoln’s presidential campaign. We learn that my great-great-great grandfather, Dr. Charles H. Ray, the publication’s then co-owner, interviewed Honest Abe. Fast-forward to the days of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and we learn that my late-grandfather, Eugene Ray, became the second Ray to interview a president. Please, oh please, let me, Shelby Ray, be the third!

Caelen’s Top Three Most Read 2015 Blog Posts:

  1. Mistakes Happen. How do you bounce back?
    • New professionals, seasoned professionals, we all can relate to making mistakes. I like to call this the motivational post on never giving up.
  2. How to Successfully Unplug and Recharge Without Falling Behind
    • Leaving the office for a while? There’s no need to stress about falling behind. Caelen gives great advice on how to prepare in order to unplug and recharge, which hopefully many of our readers are planning on doing during the holidays.
  3. How often do you measure your success?
    • Measuring success isn’t something only to be done at a campaign’s culmination. In order to reach the culmination, it’s only make sense to evaluate midway.

Phew! That was a lot of great content to take in. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s challenging to find new topics to write about or be inspired by something to trigger a post.  However, reviewing the great work that our team has produced this year is proof that we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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  1. Scott, we are so honored to be in your top 3 blog posts for 2015. And we do believe that Critical Thinking will continue to be a priority in 2016! Cheers, David Landis, President, LCI (San Francisco)

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