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Today, the HMA team is with their families and friends celebrating our nation’s independence.

Last week, in anticipation of the holiday, we took to our Facebook Fan Page and asked folks to tell us what independence means to them. We got some great responses, which we have pulled together with our own thoughts below.

What does independence mean to you?

Scott Hanson:  Freedom.  The right to speak, worship, assemble, vote – however I choose.  The authors of our constitution were very smart.  Happy birthday, America! 

Abbie S. Fink: Independence means you have choices. You can make decisions. You can change your mind.  But it also means you are responsible for those choices and decisions.

Brittany Richardson: It means so much, but one of the biggest things that comes to mind when I think about independence is responsibility. I’m responsible for getting a job, going to work, paying my bills and living my life. I can do and say as I please. I love the feeling of being independent. This is a time in my life where I am only responsible for myself. I’m very lucky to live in a country that allows me to feel this independent.

Stephanie Lough: Independence to me means I can watch Will Smith kick alien butt in the best sci-fi movie ever made as many times as I want. Welcome to Earf!

Rachel Lilly:  It is something that should never be taken away, something that is lovingly fought for.  It is the blessing, gift and honor that gives me the privilege to live my life for something bigger than myself.  I am so proud to be an American and I always will be!

Alison Bailin Batz: It makes me cry, honestly. It is what makes me who I am. It is a great responsibility. It is an ideal that people gave their lives for and continue to give their lives for. That being said, being neither a boy nor a land owner, I was not who the Founding Fathers truly had in mind when they envisioned “independence.” However, it is a living word and a word that can become a reality for everyone.   

Lauren Strait: Being allowed to speak my mind.

Jessica Douglas: Responsibility.

Nina Simmons: The ability to express and hold my own beliefs without persecution.

Mary Deming Barber: Freedom to do and say as we please, and to choose who we please to govern. But with that freedom comes an equal or greater responsibility. That is to be civil, involved and educated in making decision about what we do and say, and who governs us.

Jennifer Whittle: Most fortunate to have true freedom.

Dave Riddle: The freedom to explore possibilities.

David Landis: The ability to live your own life, make your own decisions and embrace your own opportunities. That's why we love the U.S.A.

Debbie Friez: No one person makes the decisions for all-we all have a say in some way.

Monica Smith: To me independence is about being self-reliant and not being dependent on another being or entity or government which may control, bind or shackle our decisions, actions, ability to explore, set visions, or truly be who we are at our essence, etc. In the context of July 4th, that translates into being able to establish freedoms and set our own destiny as a country with a vision that's powerful enough and a will that's passionate enough to fight for. our essence, etc. In the context of July 4th, that translates into being able to establish freedoms and set our own destiny as a country with a vision that's powerful enough and a will that's passionate enough to fight for.

Mimi Mathers Meredith: I think it's about celebrating our own sufficiency; honoring differences and celebrating our interdependence all rolled up into one. How's that for failure to provide a simple answer!

Erik Jensen: Independence is making your own choices about how you want to live your life in society and taking responsibility for the choices you make.

Casaundra Brown: Doing what you love every day and not settling.

Carol Powers Bailin: Financial security that enables you choices and options that are stress-free.

Mark Paterson: Living inside your own mind, not someone else's.

Sandra Fink: Making your own choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices.

Philip Rakoci: Self-sufficiency.

Lindsay Cohen: Making your own money and not having to explain to anyone why you felt is necessary to buy that pair of shoes 😉

Lindsay Sapin: Not having to answer to anyone!

Holly Hart: The ability to be on your own without help financially or without a significant other.

Jay Parizek: Independence is the ability to do or not to do what you want.

Michelle Holbert: Having the freedom of choice.

Kayla Self:  Complete freedom and responsibility for one's self.

Brenna McGoff:  Standing on your own but knowing when you need a hand

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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