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With St. Patty’s Day this weekend, today’s blog is dedicated to the color green.

Well, more one of the emotions green symbolizes…envy.

So, I will just simply ask this:

Whether because it looks so fun, so challenging or because it is a cause near and dear to your heart, what PR campaign, brand and/or project has you green with envy this year? What would you work on if money, time, location, etc. wasn’t an issue?

We share ours below – comment and add yours, too!

Alison: I can’t actually believe I am typing these words, but I would love to be a part of the Los Angeles Clippers PR team this year. From the quirky “Lob City” branding to dethroning the Lakers as the “Showtime” team in town, every second of their success story this year makes me smile. In the past month alone, the Clippers had at least five of the top 10 stories in the entire NBA:

  • Clipper point guard Chris Paul earns NBA All-Star MVP honors over LeBron, Carmelo, Wade and Durant
  • Just weeks later, Paul returns to his alma mater, Wake Forest, with his adorable son to have his jersey retired; cries in the arms of his college coach; commits fundraising dollars to help the surrounding area
  • Clipper bench, featuring national treasure beloved Grant Hill, is better than most teams’ starting five, including the Phoenix Suns
  • Clipper power forward Blake Griffin continues his meteoric rise to fame on and off the court, most recently with yet another HILARIOUS Kia commercial
  • Non-super star Clipper center DeAndre Jordan (who!?) makes “the dunk heard ‘round the world”

Oh, and just to reiterate – they have dethroned the Lakers. Bwahahaha!

Katie: If Alison wouldn’t have said the Clippers that would have been my pick. They are doing amazing and it would be fun to be a part of a franchise that really only has good things in its future (at least for the next few years). But, she picked my first love, basketball; I will go with my second love – fashion. Yes, believe it or not I am a girly girl and love anything that has to do with fashion. I would love to be part of an upcoming fashion week and be part of helping make a vision an actual reality.

Abbie: I would love to be the White House spokesperson. Well, more specifically, I want to be C.J. Craig from the West Wing. This is not a political statement whatsoever; I just think it would be fun…for a short period of time.

Stephanie: I would love to work on either Oreo or Skittles, or at least their social media teams. Oreo has been dominating Twitter with the legendary Oreo vs. AMC exchange and most recently with their Super Bowl blackout tweet – Skittles, well I just like because their Twitter account is clearly run by someone with an equally bizarre sense of humor as my own. They seem to have so much fun on social media and are really loved by their fans for it. Their quirky and absurd approaches make the engagement with other fans entertaining. It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously and are in touch with their audiences.

Rachel: To be honest – I really like working on Arizona Gives Day. Working with nonprofit organizations and helping them further their mission is something I really enjoy.

Scott: I can’t say I’d really like any other job.  Having the opportunity to be around what I think is Arizona’s best PR team every day would have the “green with envy” effect on others in our industry.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Scott can say whatever he wants, but not only is he green with envy for another gig – he is green with envy over a green gig – PR for the Green Bay Packers.

Okay – time for you to give us your “green.” Share below!

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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  1. David Landis says:

    I think you stole my thought: turning the Chicago River green for St. Paddy’s day is truly a remarkable PR feat. Cheers, David

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