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October 27, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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facebook likeEarlier this week on Twitter, PR News posted that "According to @TechCrunch, live streams on Facebook get watched three times longer & generate 10 times more comments than average videos.”

I think that this is very interesting because this week alone I have been receiving more notifications and watching more live video then I have in the past. Our local news stations have been using Facebook Live quite a bit for breaking news, and I will admit I have been paying attention. The only other Facebook Live video that I can remember watching in the recent past was one that Mashable did with some cute kittens (during the last debate)!

With video we typically have advised clients to keep them short and sweet, make sure that they are uploaded to YouTube first and then shared to other social media platforms and utilize the description and key words.

Facebook Live changes those rules and I thought it would be helpful to look at a few of the important ones. First, length isn’t necessarily an upfront concern if people are watching it in real time. However, if you are wanting people to watch the video later, I would anticipate that the longer the video the lower the watch and engagement rate will be. In addition, with Facebook Live there is not the option to make sure a full description with keywords is included. While there is a description section, this is limited and should be used to grab the attention of people who are online and would want to watch. Finally, unlike YouTube, the option to interact with those making comments, etc. can take place in real time. This should be taken advantage of and not just left ignored.

What do you think about Facebook Live? Do you have anything to add to the new rules?

Update: In addition to Facebook Live, the social media platform now has Facebook Watch, a useful tool in which users can stream live TV on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other connected devices, including home TVs.

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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