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July 28, 2015
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Shelby and RachelIn the past few weeks I have noticed a few blog posts about having fun in the office. One blog post from The James Agency really caught my attention and had me laughing. I will have to admit the massage day and fully stocked snack corner do seem pretty cool. But the post really got me to thinking about what we do here at HMA that is fun, and I decided to ask everyone what is the most “fun” thing(s) about working here.

This is what everyone had to say:


Scott in the KitchenScott – The March Madness pool run by Alison.

Abbie - Our annual spring training game, shorts-day on Friday’s during the summer, and having our dogs in the office.

Shelby - The friendly comradery among everyone always makes for a fun time. But, nothing beats when we have visits from our furry friends. Well, maybe when it’s Cupcake and Champagne Friday.

Caelen – I love champagne & cupcake Friday!

Alison – While I love champagne & cupcake Friday and a little office gaming, I think all the random weirdness we get to come into contact with has to be the most fun. Case in point – I’ve dressed up as Subman, carried a 100-pound snake on my back and even drove around in a limo with Pam Anderson during “normal days on the job

IMG_1535And my thoughts? Although I also love champagne & cupcake Friday, the ability to have flexibility with my schedule when I need to get my son to and from school/camp/sports, etc., and the flexibility to volunteer at his school are what does it for me.

The meaning behind this blog post is that everyplace can be a “fun” place to work (especially if you have champagne & cupcake Friday) but perhaps sometimes you just need to take a moment to stop and smell the Rosé… Champagne that is!



Now I want to know, what is the most fun Alison and Pamthing about where you work?












Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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