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PRSA Phoenix met recently to learn about everyone’s social network frienemey: Facebook.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical in signing up for Facebook 201.  Presenting was Matt Simpson, “social media (sic…let’s just say guy)” of Bulbstorm, a digital promotions and marketing agency. Although he is a talented, respected digital marketer, I figured I knew my way around the ‘book.

“What could he possibly tell about Facebook that I don’t already know?” I thought. “I’m a social media guru*.”

Oh how wrong I was. There is a lot I don’t know about Facebook, primarily in the advertising and promotion realm. (You mean I can't just throw up a question on my client's status and first person to respond wins? Woops.)

My first surprise was the name of the presentation: “Finding Love – And Leads – On Facebook”

“Love” you say?

For those of you who are not familiar with Matt’s story, here is a condensed version:

Fed up with dating as we know it, Matt decided to market his single-self using Facebook. By following his marketing strategy, he was able to reach a much larger, yet finely tailored group of women that shared similar interest as his own. His ads only appeared to those that match the criteria, which included interests, age and location, and the ads led to his Facebook fan page.

The media picked up his story, and it eventually was featured on diverse, well-known blogs like Mashable (with a techie angle) and The Frisky (as a love story). He hit the big time. For only $30 worth of Facebook ads, he was able to launch an entire digital marketing (albeit a small one) campaign.

So how did he do it? By testing, targeting, testing some more, analyzing and little bargaining. He was specific in his target audience; he watched trends to see which ads garnered the most results and made alterations to his plan based on his findings.

And PRSA was lucky enough to learn the ins and outs.

Without spilling his secrets and ending his speaking career, here are some brief highlights:

-Keep the ad simple. One image, short copy, and no fun fancy headline.

-Test and optimize. Try different images and copy to see what yields the most results.

-Build a relationship with Facebook. Don’t make the landing page your client’s website, but link the ad their Facebook fan page. Facebook likes that, and you want Facebook to be happy.

-When it comes to promotions, stay relevant to your brand. Sure, everyone wants a free iPad, but unless you are affiliated with Apple, will giving one away gain you customer loyalty? Hint: No.

-Use free apps. Because they are free, and free is awesome.

For other great tips on how to market on Facebook, download Matt’s whitepaper “10 Facebook Myths” here.

Oh and ladies, although his campaign undoubtedly gave him excellent exposure, Matt is still looking for his 28-34 year old, yoga loving, Buddhism practicing, New Age following perfect woman. Bonus points for vegetarians.


* I am not a social media guru, in fact, I loathe the term or any variation of it. No one is a social media guru, expert, master, genius, ninja, special agent, or royalty. Some may be more influential than others, but we all have things to learn in the constantly changing world of social media.


Stephanie Lough
Stephanie Lough
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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