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Hashtags - all the cool kids are using them.




Part 3 of Stephanie’s Social Media Success Summit Series. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.



Hello again from your favorite summiteer, blogging to you from the Social Media Success Summit 2012. With three weeks and 12+ hours of social media boot camp under my belt, I’m feeling pretty good about my ever-tightening grasp on the law of this crazy digital land.

I realized when reviewing my first two posts about the summit that, while dripping with fascinating informational content, I have been leaving out one key element: The social part.

Surely these webinars are more than just note taking and deep, philosophical thinking. Social media is all about engaging with others, so engage I must! I did a quick twitter search of the designated event hashtag #SMSS12.

Dang, was I late to the party.

I must admit, I’m a hashtag abuser. Rarely do I use the symbol formally known as the pound sign to monitor audiences, but rather compromise the integrity of the hashtag by using one as an attempt at humor or to drive home a point. I did try my own campaign using #Steph2Brit  to get me on stage with Britney Spears (and did get an RT by one part of Johnjay & Rich), but wasn’t successful in that I didn’t get on stage. It’s never too late, Ms. Spears.

But I digress.

Engagement surrounding #SMSS12 was (and still is) booming. Follow along here for the most up-to-date discussions.

Seeing my opportunity to shamelessly promote this blog, and possibly stimulate some minds in the process, I joined the convo, made some connections and padded my following and followers list a little more.

Here are what people out in the World Wide Web (well, at least the Twitterverse) are saying:


@JocelynWilhelmIn this era of real-time business, social media crises occur with stunning swiftness, and increasing regularity says @JayBaer #SMSS12

@snouraini Have list of blogs where chatter might emerge, for example your competitors of bloggers #smss12

@RalfSkirr: What to monitor: Who is listening? Who is listening? Who is listening? @jaybaer at #smss12 #reputation

@connectyou Learn your lesson: document every step; make copies of communications, Analyze them & improve your flow crisis chart #smss12

?@snouraini  #SMSS12 How do you measure awareness? Audience awareness before vs after, reach of your message, # of online conversations

@Marissa_stone Remember the United Breaks Guitars video on YouTube? Avoid this by responding publicly that you will help privately @DaveKerpen #smss12

@kimbknott Plan is: Clearly defined goals w/measurable objectives, strategies 2 meet object.& tactics 2 accomplish strategies #smss12

@pinonatalie Set your success metrics low and focus on creating great content. "If you create great content, they will come." #smss12 @joshaston

?@Mike_Stelzner http://mytoptweet.com shows you which of your tweets get the most traction says @MarkWSchaefer #smss12

?@Phil_Mershon Be consistent in providing interesting and helpful information says @MarkWSchaefer (during biz hours) #smss12

?@captivetouch How to find ppl on Twitter: Lists on Twitter are powerful tool: Listorious is a list of lists, search by keyword #smss12

@doroteee We all know the unlikeable ppl in cocktail parties -- don't be one of tem! Be likeable @DaveKerpen #SMSS12

@agzavala #SMSS12 Everything in social media needs to be intentional to get meaningful results.

@JeffAbram Act like a publisher when you produce a Tweet says @markwschaefer #smss12

@georgiazn "We can't be driving by technology, we have to be driving by strategy" - @BrianSolis #SMSS12"

@CaraFuggetta If businesses decide to consolidate multiple social media profiles, be careful to not lose track of what ppl signed up for -@adamcb #smss12

@RalfSkirr 5 years ago we developed micro sites. Today this doesn't work. We put the message where the people are: #socialmedia sites. @adamcb #smss12


Feel free to share your own little nuggets of wisdom below!

Stephanie Lough
Stephanie Lough
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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