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July 11, 2016
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July 13, 2016

Lucky 2 with Ali HandAs the resident “cat person” in the office, I had to smile when I saw Cision’s recent blog post titled “When It Comes to PR, Be Like a Cat, Not a Dog,” which muses on a cat’s ability to be strategic, just as a good PR person should in his/her attempts to connect with the media.

But here is the thing – I don’t totally agree.

Look, cats are nimble and quick, and they like things to be perfect (their version of perfect), all traits I like to see in a good PR person. But, as a cat owner, I also know cats are very mistrusting – except to a lucky and often random few. They are often loners. They get super pissy over the smallest of things (like using a different brand of litter or moving their toys to vacuum). They also have very little bark, but one heck of a bite, which you can imagine wouldn’t be a good thing when dealing with a difficult media issue or client. Most also have RBF – or resting b***h face. And can you imagine asking a cat to work nights or weekends, as most of us PR folks often do? Yeah, right.

Dogs, on the other hand, love nothing more than to work together with their owner or other dogs to accomplish tasks. They appreciate the small stuff, without sweating the other small stuff. Yes, they need attention, but they often get it in a clever way – like a good PR person does with a well- written and researched pitch. And sure, they can nag – but I challenge even the best PR people in the world to prove to me that they have never ONCE had to beg, nag or follow-up repeatedly with a member of the media sometime in their professional lives.

That’s because when we PR folks care about something…we are like a dog with a bone, not a cat with a mouse.

I still say cats rule. They are just better-suited for Wall Street, not media relations.


Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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