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Font WarsI have a major issue when it comes to Word documents in the office.

I HAVE to have them in:

  • Times New Roman
  • 11 or 12-point font (10 if trying to fit to one page)
  • Single spaced
  • Spacing at zero

I don’t mind a nice Garamond now and then if I am feeling sassy. Or even a flowery Book Antiqua is okay sprinkled in. If the font is Arial, I can struggle through (if the document is not mine).

But if the font is Calibri, I will seriously change it! For some reason, when I see this font, I want to throw up all over my keyboard.

But, apparently I am alone in this hatred of this font.

Bloomberg posted a story last week on the importance of font choice in resumes. To my horror, they dared to suggest that “Times New Roman is the equivalent to wearing sweatpants to the interview.”

Wow – I would SO not get a job in 2015!

If you were wondering, thankfully, Calibri wasn’t named as the number-one choice – haughty Helvetica was number one!

Full story on the best and worst fonts to use is here.

But forget Bloomberg – what are your “go-to” and “special occasion” fonts? And which ones do you hate? Share below.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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