Our proven track record stems from our mastery of traditional public relations methods while embracing emerging digital communication channels and technologies. We offer a variety of public relations and marketing communications services, throughout not only Arizona, but also globally, that are sure to match your specific needs.

Media Relations

You’ve got some great news to tell the world but don’t know how to make that happen.  We are great storytellers; we just need the great story.  HMA’s team understands what makes a great story and where the right place is to tell it.  We work with you to determine key messages, strategies and goals and train key spokespeople in order to  properly put your information in the hands of the people that need to know it.

Content Marketing

We are writers, first and foremost.  Compelling editorial content, written to move the reader to action, is critically important in any communications effort.  The expert writers at HMA can create bylines, guest opinion pieces and content for a variety of marketing materials such as blogs, websites or newsletters.

Digital Communications

Digital communication, such as social media and blogging, is here to stay. More and more, content and news creation is being delivered through a platform in the online space. The tools will change but the strategy will not. We can help you be effective in the online space through a comprehensive approach to social media and content development.

Community Relations

Giving back to the community is good for business. Whether through cash contributions, board or volunteer service, businesses that make a commitment to the community will reap the benefits.  HMA’s culture bears this out both as an agency and individually; we serve our industry and a variety of nonprofits throughout the state. We encourage our clients to do the same and work with your executive team to determine what opportunities make the most sense for your business goals.

Crisis Communications

Although we hope to never need it, a well thought-out issues management/crisis communications plan ensures that responsible employees and administrators take appropriate actions in a timely manner when and if a situation arises. The plan, if used correctly, will minimize the impact of a crisis upon the organization and normal business operations. Our expert communicators will develop a plan for your organization and stand with you, side-by-side, during a crisis, should one occur.

Event Planning

From groundbreakings to grand openings, to large-scale festivals to intimate private gatherings, HMA can coordinate all the details needed to implement a successful special event for your business or organization.

Government/Public Affairs

We are not lobbyists but we fully understand the impact that strategic communications programs can have within the public sector.  Whether for state, county, city agencies or on federally recognized Tribal lands, HMA’s team works with agencies and organizations to bring their important messages to their key constituents and consumers.

Collateral Development and Implementation

As public relations practitioners, we recognize the benefit of strong collateral materials that are well-designed and consistent with the overall communications messaging.  Working with a variety of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, etc., we can deliver award-winning marketing communications  materials for your organization.