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April 23, 2008
“Everyman PR,” Part 2
April 25, 2008
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It is election time! This can only mean two things – Saturday Night Live will be

funny for the next few months, and our esteemed candidates’ PR teams will be working around the clock to prove they are just like us! This year, our “big three” even went so far as to appear on World Wrestling Entertainment’s highly-rated “WWE Monday Night Raw.” And, the Clinton/Obama camps had their spouses pen “why you should vote for my husband/wife” op-ed pieces in glossy tabloid (and guilty pleasure) US Magazine. Oh, and stuffy, old McCain even bragged about watching MTV dramafest The Hills – THE HILLS!?!??!

So, here is my question for the PR teams – don’t these candidates have much more schooling, experience and expertise than I? Then why are they pandering? And why is it a good thing to pretend to be an everyman? I always try to promote my client’s in the best possible light and promote their expertise, not their everyman qualities. So, think these “everyman” tactics are working, or just reminding us how out of touch some candidates truly are? Comment below.

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