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November 9, 2016
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November 11, 2016

Rachel Brockway and Danielle Engle from Live NationThe PRSA Phoenix luncheon yesterday was a huge “hit” (literally) with Danielle Engel, vice president of marketing in the Southwest for Live Nation.

I first met Danielle about four years ago with the work that we do with the Ak-Chin Indian Community. At the time we were working on a press event for the renaming of the Ak-Chin Pavilion and I knew right away that Danielle was amazing! So, when we were discussing ideas for a speaker for our PRSA luncheons, I knew she would be a “Rock Star!”

You might (or might not know) that Danielle is originally from New York and came to Arizona sight unseen to go to ASU... and she never left. But the most amazing fun fact is that she started at Live Nation as an intern and this has been her only job… ever!

At the luncheon yesterday, Danielle talked about the process and changes for marketing and public relations when dealing with multiple venues and artists (all in one night).

What were some of the highlights?

  • How social media has changed the way that they communicate. Danielle and her team used to have news releases or news conferences (and when she first started some of these were sent via fax) and now the most effective way is social media. While it may seem “easier” she said that often it is much more difficult to make a big splash and keep things under wraps, because many times the artists have already shared their tour cities and dates.
  • When it comes to crisis communications, Live Nation has a process for really anything you can think of happening. But one of the “biggest” crisis situations they have to deal with is when an artist has to cancel and often their hands are tied because they have to wait on a statement from that artist before they can discuss with the media
  • When it comes to day-of crisis communications, it most often plays out on social media. But Danielle and her team have a process in place to be as proactive as possible and respond in real-time as to take care of issues before they become bigger. They don’t want the issues to escalate if they can be taken care of right away.
  • On any given day Danielle is working with up to 60-70 public relations, media and marketing professionals. From the artists and their publicists to local media, with every show and location the people change, so staying organized is very important (I think all of us public relations professionals can relate)!

While I know I am biased because I know Danielle personally and I also serve on the board of directors for PRSA Phoenix, but this luncheon was one of my favorites!

Did you attend? What was your favorite highlight?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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