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October 7, 2013
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October 9, 2013
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Just in time for Halloween in a few weeks I thought I would share a few tips and tricks on using Facebook.

Abbie and I teach a marketing and social media class at the ASU Lodestar Center and we get asked quite often for “advice” on Facebook. The number one piece of advice I give is that Facebook should be about relationship building and engagement not about making that “sale” because if you are building relationships the rest will come (If you build it they will come). And second, the content should be interesting, informative and REAL.

Once you have decided to use Facebook for relationships, here are a few suggestions on making it easier to manage.

First you should set a content calendar for a month at a time. Put together topic days (ie #tipfortuesday or #throwbackthursday) and fill in content for your topic days. This way you have built in content for an entire month. If you are busy Monday morning or have a meeting on Friday you already know what you are going to post and don’t have to spend the extra time (that you don’t have) or energy to find something (ANYTHING) good to post. But note that this does not mean that you can’t post something additional or timely should it come up. You can always post more!

When you are setting up your content calendar- try and use as many photos as possible. According to a recent article/infographic on ragan.com photo posts get 120 percent more engagement on Facebook.  That is pretty big amount to not pay attention!

Next, the age old question of when is the best time to post! Before I answer this I want you to think about how you personally use Facebook. People typically get on first thing in the morning, at lunch and then later at night before they go to bed. Yes, they may hop on at other times during the day if they are in line or waiting for something but those are not standard “typical” times. So are you posting when most people are typically on Facebook? According to BuddyMedia posting early morning and late at night will show a 20 percent higher engagement rate.

Every page is a little different. So try posting at different times and including photos/links and then watch your Facebook analytics and watch the trends. You will learn what days, times and types of posts work best!

So I want to know do you have any advice to share?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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