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March 14, 2016
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March 16, 2016
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Just two-weeks after we received an extra day for Leap Year 2016, everyone (except in Arizona) lost one of those 24 hours as Daylight Savings Time began.

We don’t change our clocks in Arizona.  Our days are long enough when it’s 110-degrees.

So, for now, Arizona is on the same time as all the states in both the Pacific and Mountain time zones, two behind the Central folks and three hours behind the East Coasters.

Here are a few additional time-related clarifications:
  • Time in providing ideas, creativity, connectivity, relationships and insight are among the things PR firms offer their clients.
  • Billable-time. It’s a fact of life in an agency.
  • Time Magazine is published weekly.
  • A New York-minute is the same everywhere.
  • Procrastination is the thief of time.
  • Time isn’t always money and timing isn’t always everything.
  • The term “gimme a second” actually means “I need at least a minute.”
  • The 1973 song “Time” by Pink Floyd, is about how time can slip by, but many people do not realize it until it is too late.
  • Harry Chapin’s 1974 ballad, “Cat’s in the Cradle,” is about the same thing.
  • A time-out can actually stop the clock -- yet, time is undefeated.
  • Father Time isn’t a real person – but what he symbolizes is 100 percent real.

And my favorite:  Lombardi Time.  It means that you should show up 10-15 minutes early, or you will be considered late.

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
President Scott is president of HMA Public Relations and a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network. He’s a Phoenix native, husband, father of two and a fan of all sports and a participant in some. Check out Scott's full bio

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